Apt Issues

Sep 09, 2022 • One minute to read

If you get a “failed to fetch” error occurs when apt-get update is run, then try this:

Edit DNS

First try to ping any website

ping zerai.xyz

If you can’t resolve the DNS

ping: zerai.xyz: Temporary failure in name resolution

Then first edit resolv.conf

sudo vi /etc/resolv.conf

Change your DNS to any DNS Server


Next execute this commands :

sudo apt-get --download-only --reinstall install resolvconf
sudo dpkg --purge --force-depends resolvconf
sudo apt-get install resolvconf

Finaly if you still have DNS problems a reboot is recommended

If you have an EOL version(Ubuntu)

Just run

sudo sed -i -r 's/([a-z]{2}.)?archive.ubuntu.com/old-releases.ubuntu.com/g' /etc/apt/sources.list


sudo sed -i -r 's/security.ubuntu.com/old-releases.ubuntu.com/g' /etc/apt/sources.list

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